An example of a basic website:

Websites are the building blocks of the internet, much like cells comprise your flesh. If you’ve got a business, a program, a meet-up, an event, or anything else that involves more than just you, a website is good for you.

Restaurants don’t have to sell anything online to benefit from a website – having the menu available, plus the address, phone number, and business hours, is invaluable to people trying to figure out how to get in touch or whether or not you’re still open.

Hosting an event? People want to know more! Put up all the details, including location and dates, to let everyone keep up with what’s happening online or locally.

If you’re a professional anything – Realtor®, writer, artist, musician, local tour guide, etc – then you could use a website. Put a photo up, write a little bit about yourself (I can help with this if it makes you shudder to contemplate!), and let people know what you’re doing. Include links to your social media – Twitter, Facebook, email – and any projects you’ve got going on, and you’re all set – you’ve got your virtual home!

If you don’t have a website and don’t want to invest hours and hours into running a robust blog + site, all you need is a few well-designed, easily-findable pages to let folks know what you’re on about and how to reach you. And that’s how I can help you.

Already have a website? No problem. We can polish or outright remake that baby to reflect you and your purpose, as well as make you easily found by Google and other major search engines. No point in having a site that people never see, right?

Heavy Programming, Not My Shtick

I am not a programmer or a developer. If you need something heavy into databases, javascript, ASP, widgets, or other highly customized functionality, I’m not going to fill your needs as well as a real developer. I’m quite happy to work with a developer to create the front-end design, content, and GUI, but the back-end programming is not my forte. I can totally do a custom blog + website for you, and I can even hook you up with an online store, but that’s about the extend of my techitude.

If you’re not sure if I can help you, email me and tell me what you need. If I’m not the best person for your project, I can recommend others who will be!

Basic Website: Summary

Best If:

  • You want to be visible on the web with minimal effort and expense.
  • You’re a restaurant and want your menu, hours, and location online.
  • You don’t want to blog or spend a lot of time networking.
  • You don’t need to sell anything online.


  • Hosting for one year + one domain.
  • A completely unique, original website design, optimized for SEO.
  • Complete setup of your website, domain, and host.
  • Transferral (and proof-reading) of your content onto your website.

Doesn’t Include:

  • An online store.
  • A blog.

Additional Options

  • An art/photo gallery.
  • A forum.
  • Extra domains (typically 10-15$/year).
  • Proofreading and editing new content you create.
  • Extra graphic design for web, print, and photography.
  • Fresh, vivid, accurate content, written by me. See SEO Copywriting for more details.
  • A personalized tour guide to the internet, answering your questions and providing a little guidance just when you need it.

The Step-By-Step Process

Note: This is for those of you who are detail-oriented and like to know in advance how things will go. It’s not required reading by any means, though it may be useful in helping you know what to expect when working with me.

  1. You answer a few questions for me, and we make sure all your desires and needs can be met by my timeline and skills.
  2. We take care of the technical details: choosing and acquiring your domain name (your URL), and setting you up with hosting. (I recommend the same host I use, which costs you 5$/month and nets you a free domain for life.)
  3. We go through the design process together to determine the look and feel of your site.
  4. Once you approve the design, we talk about content. I upload any text and images you’ve got; I can also proofread your existing content and/or copyedit it for SEO strength. If you’d like, I can create new content for you, making it appeal to both your readers and the search engines.
  5. Throughout this entire process, I will answer all your questions, explain things in your language (no overly-technical lingo!), and show you how to maintain and update your site.
  6. We’re done! I remain available if you have further questions, and you tell the world about your brand-new rockin’ website.

Dig it?

Excellent! Get in touch with me to get started!