SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Certification Training

Here’s the thing: not everyone is a writer. And that’s okay. What’s important is that you be your best you. The nuances of complex sentence structure, different writing voices, and exact usage of punctuation don’t need to be your Holy Grail. All you need to know is your audience – and then you need a translator to speak their language in a way that appeals to them.

Writing accurately is incredibly important – you don’t want your writing riddled with mistakes that will confuse or disappoint your readers. But writing perfectly can be pretty dry, and the people of the internet are the fastest to turn away from a boring piece.

You want good writing and engaging writing. You want writing that doesn’t have any errors, but you also want writing that speaks to your people in their language. After all, you’d take on a different tone if you were talking to a construction worker than if you were addressing a corporate exec, right?

Not only that, but your words need to get found. Without people to read it, your message is useless. Good copywriting is optimized for the search engines, so that people looking for help find you when they need you.

That’s why it’s called SEO copywriting. SEO means “search engine optimized.” Without Google knowing what you’re saying, people without a direct link to your site will never find you, and that cuts your readers down to friends and family – who may or may not be the people who need you the most.

How I Can Help You

I’m a web designer by trade, and I love it, but at my heart, I am a writer.

I can do marketing copywriting, which is text that sells – product descriptions, sales and landing pages, and any form of advertisements. What’s more, I can do non-smarmy selling. You want to pair up your client with this product or service that will help them, not coerce them at virtual gun-point to buy buy BUY. Your copy should explain the benefits of what you’re selling to your clients, so they can understand why this product or service helps them and is worth the money. That means your clients want what you offer, and you don’t have to chase them down with a megaphone to convince them.

I can also do educational copywriting, which is text that teaches – informational articles, About pages, and anything requiring factual research falls into this category. I’ve gotten a lot of experience writing descriptive articles for in the nutrition and supplement industry, courtesy of my dayjob, and I’d love to branch into different topics and industries.

Tell me what you need – blog posts, newsletter articles, product descriptions, or non-gimmicky ads – and I can rock it for you, to your specifications and in an easy-to-read, punctuation-perfect style.

Would You Like Some Samples?

I thought you might. Take a gander at a few search-optimized articles that I’ve written for my dayjob. I’m obliged to note that these had to go through regulatory and be drastically changed from their detail-rich original versions, but they’re still pretty snazzy!

You’re looking for the lovely, informative descriptions under Product Information when you click these links:

If you want a sample of what I can write for you, I’m game. Send me your topic, your requisites (word count, tone of voice, keywords), and I’ll shoot you back your sample – for free. (But if you want to use it in your marketing or on your website, you’ll have to pay me for it.) Want some? Get in touch!

What About Copyediting?

Not everything needs to be entirely rewritten when we’re talking about strengthening the SEO of your site or blog. In fact, a lot of pages might only need a little polish to shine ten times more brightly than they do now. If you want me to check your copy for nitpicky details, like those pesky commas and apostrophes, I most certainly can. I can also review your copy and make sure the keywords you want – the phrases that people use to find you – are present and sound good.

If I’m building a site, blog, or store for you already, I’m going to proofread and copyedit your existing content automatically, unless you tell me not to. After all, if we’re creating your virtual home from the ground up, I’d hate for the paint job to look a little wonky – and likewise, I’d hate to see typos or mistakes on your freshly-finished site.

Dig it?

Excellent! Get in touch with me to get started! If you want to request a sample, please include all applicable details, references, and hopefully a few other pieces that the sample would match.