An example of an original theme:

I admire you. You are brilliant and savvy and quite self-reliant, which is why you only need a beautifully personalized blog theme, not the whole host-install-upload dealio. (Not you? Get the whole package over here if you’re not your own tech support!)

Whether you already have a long-lived blog or are just starting out, you’re doing it yourself and rocking it. I’m delighted to help by designing your virtual home a look that’s sure to stand out and be undeniably you.

We’re not just talking a customized header image and a color palette that’s vaguely different from everyone else – we’re talking total uniqueness. Colors that embody your voice and your message, richly and vibrantly (or gently and soothingly – it’s gonna match you, no matter what). A layout that’s easy for you and your readers to navigate. Text that’s readable on any monitor, in any browser. An overall atmosphere that generates the feelings you want. Warm and cozy? Sure. Clean and professional? Got it. Wild and creative? Can do. Irreverent and playful? Let’s go.

Sound good? Or maybe you have some questions? No problem. Come say hi and we’ll sort everything out.

Unique Blog Theme: Summary

Best If:

  • You already have an online home, plenty of content, and only want a new look.
  • You don’t need my help installing blog software or plugins, and you know how to upload a custom theme to your blog.


  • A completely unique, original blog design, optimized for SEO.

Doesn’t Include:

  • Hosting or domain.
  • Installation of blog software or upload of the custom theme.

Can Include:

  • An art gallery theme or a webcomic theme.

The Step-By-Step Process

Note: This is for those of you who are detail-oriented and like to know in advance how things will go. It’s not required reading by any means, though it may be useful in helping you know what to expect when working with me.

  1. You already have a host and a domain; you don’t need any help installing blog software or uploading a custom theme. If this isn’t you, please check out the Totally Custom Blog option for technical support and training as well.
  2. You answer a few questions for me, and we make sure all your desires and needs can be met by my timeline and skills.
  3. We go through the design process together to determine the look and feel of your site.
  4. Once you approve the design, I hand you your lovely theme in a .zip file and you take care of the rest!

Dig it?

Excellent! Get in touch with me to get started!