I’m Andi, a freelancer who wants to get small businesses online and outdoing their local competition with a rockin’ web presence.

I create totally customized websites, online stores, and blogs with a look-and-feel that matches your business’s unique flavor. I write content for you in a voice that reaches your audience and makes you their friend, not a stranger or salesman. I can put your business on the (Google) map – there is no biz, large or small, that doesn’t benefit from having a home on the web. I introduce you to the wonderful possibilities of social media, including email lists and Twitter, and help you figure out how it can best serve your needs.

Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a just-for-fun blogger, your website will reflect and embody the heart and soul of your raison d’être – what you’re doing and why. With millions of websites in existence, yours will be vivid, authentic, and unforgettable. No matter how unfamiliar you may be to this expansive online world, I’ll walk you through the entire process with language you understand and answer all of your questions. And if you’ve already got a website, we can turn up the awesome factor and make it the best it can be.

It must be said: I’m a designer and a writer and a marketer, but I’m no programmer. If you want a website that’s super-complex and packs more gadgetry than a Bentley Continental, I’m not going to be your top pick. I’m great at design, and I’ve got a ton of great resources for blogs, online stores, galleries, and forums, but I’m not a tech god. I work more with visuals and communication than I do with under-the-hood wiring.

The Not-Work Bits

I’m a transplant into the Dallas area in Texas; this is the first state I’ve lived in without mountains, and I miss them. I share my household with my brilliant beringed partner, four cats, and two dogs, along with about six overflowing bookshelves and over a dozen musical instruments. I’ve got a terrific dayjob leading the web team for a great company, which is the whole reason I’m out here in my cowboy hat in the first place.

I take long roadtrips – the record so far is 40 hours, one way – and visit my family and friends all over the States as often as I can. I write oddball fiction, make art and music, study psychology and philosophy, and spend as much time surrounded by nature as I can. I find life completely fascinating.

Resumé, Please?

Sure – click here to check out my formal resumé in downloadable and printable PDF format.